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Casual Fridays

2017 Casual Friday "Crossings Cup"

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Bandon Crossings would like to welcome everyone to our 10th full year of Casual Friday’s.  

We have set up another full Casual Friday’s event schedule.  Even though the schedule is full, we are always open to new formats. 

Players can set up their tee times for any time on Friday, but must play with another participant.  The majority of participants go out between 8:30 & 10:00 AM, if you want to be paired up with others. 

Tournament entry fee for each event is $5.00.  There will be an optional $5.00 entry fee for Closest to the Pins – cash divided between winners.

Anyone with a valid USGA handicap is welcome to compete in our weekly competition, however to be eligable for the Crossings Cup points race a                          one-time fee of $25 is required that fee carries over from year to year.

Back for 2017 is our Crossings Cup Invitational Season Kick-off.  This event is on March 17th and is open to all 2016 Crossings Cup point race participants and anyone who wishes to be a part of the 2017 point competition. There is no entry fee for this event and Crossings will sponsor $150 prize fund for the days competition. BBQ following the 9:00AM shotgun start. Please sign-up in advance for this 3rd annual event.


Feature 2017 Events Calendar

Flag Tournament

June 30, 2017

9:00 Shotgun start

BBQ and horserace following golf.


Bandon Crossings Club Championship

36-hole individual stroke play event

Round #1 Friday July 28th

Round #2 Friday August 4th

Bonus Casual Friday points for net and gross division winners.


Crossings Cup Information

I am sure most of you know how the PGA Tour & its Fed Ex Cup works.  Throughout the year,

participants obtain points for each tournament they play in. The better they finish, the more points they collect.

At the end of the year, the player with the most points wins the Fed Ex Cup.

We have our own Fed Ex Cup called “The Crossings Cup.” Here is how it works.

There is a $25 entry fee for any new participants to compete for Crossings Cup points. 

Without the entry fee, you can play for prizes, but won’t be in the running for the Crossings Cup. 

Each event that you play in, you automatically will collect one (1) point.

The higher you finish, the more points you obtain. 

1st Gross = 8 pts, 1st Net = 10 pts, 2nd Net = 8 pts, 3rd Net = 6 pts, 4th Net = 4 pts, 5th Net = 2 pts, all others = 1 pt.

We will award double points on weeks when the PGA has its Majors, club championship & pre-playoff weeks!

Points accumulate throughout the year. The “Pre-Playoff” Rounds will be played on Aug. 25th with the top 24 on

the points list playing for double points & Sept. 1st with the top 16 on the points list playing for double points.

After the “Pre-Playoff” Rounds, the top Eight (8) on the final leaderboard will enter the Crossings Cup Playoffs.

*End of the year ties will be broken by an 18 hole individual net match-play playoff.*

 The Crossings Cup Playoffs will be played out by bracket in a match-play format.

The last person standing will be crowned the Bandon Crossings Cup Champion.

1st Place - $1000 towards 2018 Annual Pass (Not valid for Family Pass)

2nd Place - $250 Merchandise Credit + 2018 Handicap

3rd Place - $125 Merchandise Credit

4th Place - $75 Merchandise Credit


** All ties for Cup points will be settled by a scorecard playoff.  We will start at the #1 Handicap hole & go forwards using NET scores only. 

This format will be used regardless of the type of competition.


Rules & Regulations

You MUST to have a USGA Handicap to participate in the year-long cup race.

If you do not have a handicap, you may purchase one for $45 in the Golf Shop.

We will continue your Casual Friday Handicap from last year. New participants will use their USGA HDCP    for your 1st five weeks.  After that, we will use your weekly Casual Friday scores to set up your Casual Friday Handicap.  All scores will count towards the Casual Friday Handicap.

Golfers may participate on a weekly basis without a handicap, but will only be eligible as a Gross score.

Handicap committee has final say on handicap distribution.

USGA Rules of golf govern all play.

Casual Friday is always played as SUMMER RULES * unless otherwise noted!

There is NO CEILING on strokes per hole!  COUNT ALL STROKES!

MEN use White Tees or Longer!  *  LADIES use Red Tees or Longer!


Advanced sign-up is much appreciated. The earlier we know who is playing, the quicker we get you on the course!  Even an hour notice is better than no notice.





87530 Dew Valley Lane, Bandon, OR 97411