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Tee it Forward

Bandon Crossings is a big supporter of the Tee it Forward program sponsored by the PGA and USGA. The Tee it Forward program was designed to help golfers choose tees by selecting the right yardage for their own drive length, giving them a chance to enjoy the subtleties of the game and use a lofted club to get on the green. For most golfers, that means moving to a more forward tee at least part of the time in order to have more fun.

Bandon Crossings players have been enjoying Blue/White combo tees for some time, and some of our players use a White/Red combo. We also introduced a more forward set of Gold tees that give shorter hitters a way to enjoy even the long holes on the course. Download the special Guide to using the Gold Tees.

Says Carla Smith, "I'm not a very strong golfer, and don't think I'm the only one who will enjoy having a bit more of a break. There's still a lot of challenge, but it's fun to look forward to the possibility of a few pars." Our growing junior golf program also utilizes the 3, 5, 7 and 9 hole routings available at Bandon Crossings. Families and those new to the game appreciate the shorter options, expanding the healthy lifestyle benefit golf provides. Golf has something for everyone!

Tee it Forward for fun!
Playing Bandon Crossings Gold Tees

Gold Tee Marker tall3For those of us who aren’t big hitters, we have Gold forward tees. They are marked by a square gold marker set into the grass. You may tee it up within 2 club lengths of the marker, no closer to the hole. Some are placed on the red tee boxes, and others are in the fairway, near the cart path. They are marked with a short flag pole topped in gold off to the side of the cart path.

The only exception is number 18, which is in the 2nd cut, on a nice high prominence. On #18, your drive should not be longer than about 140 yards, or it may go into the ravine. If you are concerned of that possibility, try hitting across to the right side of the fairway for a longer drive, and where there is a safer crossing over the ravine.


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