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Our Story

our story

We’re Rex & Carla Smith of Eugene, Oregon.  We have a vacation home in Bandon, and spent several years looking for a challenging, yet affordable, 18-hole golf course in this area. We love Bandon Dunes, Pacific Dunes, and Bandon Trails, but not everyone’s budget allows them to play there all the time, and a true golf addict (i.e. Rex) always wants another great course to check out.

We found a beautiful piece of land in the “banana belt” of Bandon – a little off the ocean, with gentler weather, and beautiful vistas. Then we discovered that the golf course wanted to be built.

So we gathered a team: Dan Hixson, Designer, Tony Russell, Golf Course Contractor, and Brant Hathorn, Superintendent. And together, we made it happen in an amazingly short time. And so, Bandon Crossings Golf Course was created.

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87530 Dew Valley Lane, Bandon, OR 97411