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Simple tips to improve your putting

To all our members who call Crossings our home. I appreciate your welcoming me to this incredible course with the best members. I am very thankful to be a part of this team.

Each month we will have a golf tip that we hope will be helpful to improve your game.

This month’s tip is on putting:  We as golfers have the tendencies to bring on pressure when we‘re trying to sink that putt.  A couple things that have helped me are #1.  When  I’m reading the green,  I read it from the hole back to my ball that allows me to see where my ball should end up and where I need to align my arrow or logo to on the ball I’m putting.  #2.  I always want to aim on the high side of the cup #3. On long or lag putts I’m trying to Imagine a three foot circle around the cup, knowing that as long as I get within that circle I can make the putt. That takes the pressure off of me thinking I have to make that putt , if It falls in great. But my goal is to one or two putt all day long.

So with that being said where do you think I spend most of my putting practice on?  I’ve found that the quickest way to lower the number of putts I take per round is by practicing those pesky three and four footers.  If you have trouble making three footers ; practice what I call putting ball to ball. What I mean is setting a ball three feet away and aligning the arrow on the ball I’m putting to three or four dimples on the back of the ball in front. And that is my target over and over.  The smallest target you can choose, the better.

Next month Jim will review fundamentals of chipping. If you have a golf instruction topic you'd like us to cover please send us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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