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Essential apparel for winter golf

On the Oregon Coast once the calendar turns to November and winter is upon us, the golf clubs are often put away and forgetten until spring of the next year. And because so many golfer's make an annual pilgrimage to Bandon each winter we'd like to share our thoughts on winter golf gear that every golfer should consider for maximum enjoyment from their winter golf experience.

In the photo below we have featured three essential items that will keep you dry, warm and comfortable while enjoying the many great golf courses here in the Bandon area.

Inclement weather

Rain Jacket

Footjoy Hydrolite (pictured)

When it comes to raingear it's best to spend a little more to take advantage of performance options/features that are not generally available on less expensive raingear. The Hydrolite jacket featured in this photo offers the following benefits: Two year limited waterproof warranty (under normal use), etremely lightweight and packable for easy of storage and will fit in the pockets of most golf bags. Highly rated for wind protection and is also very breathable. Lastly, most of today's higher-end rain suits are made with at least some polyester material so the suit is quiet, comfortable and allows for complete range of motion.


Nike Bandon Zoom (pictured) When it comes to footwear to features are key, the shoes must be comfortable enough to walk 18 holes in and they must be waterproof. In my opionion the shoe that offers the best of both worlds in the Nike Bandon Zooms. We sell them here at Crossings and customer feedback has been outstanding. There designed primarily for winter golf however they are so comfortable that some golfers wear them year round.


Footjoy Rain Gloves (pictured) For me personally the best and least expensive investment in winter golf gear is the winter/rain glove. They come in pairs and will get tacky as they get wet, allowing the golfer a firm grip on the golf club even in the wettest playing conditions. We carry Footjoy brand but there are several other manufactures that also offer a similar pair of gloves. Again, for the $18-$25 purchase price rain gloves are the "best bang for the buck".

At Bandon Crossings we have a complete line of winter golf gear such as all the items listed above. These items make great holiday gift ideas as well, please call or golf shop for more information or better yet stop by and let us show you some of the amazing options available to the winter golf enthusiast.

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